1. Idea, 2. Shoot, 3. Edit

…edit…edit..edit! It took me years before I nailed my first successful competition entry…



…but since then, I have been able to pick and choose images for myself and other photographers that make it into the photo competitions or flyers, websites and marketing material. Try a Wolfwerk Mentoring Portfolio Session to find that one stand out shot, that can sum up YOU. Your style and your visual voice as a photographer.

My 4 year old son recently started snapping with a mirrorless camera, creating this series of images from a certain viewpoint and usually incorporating camera shake.

I motivated him to start shooting for a selfish reason: to keep him occupied during opening nights and talks etc. When I saw this image, I loved the interaction between the big guy and the small guy and decided to submit it to Little Sydney Lives. And now my 4 yo son has his first finalist image in an art exhibition hosted by the City of Sydney!

Photo Competitions and Exhibitions are a great way to get some exposure for you photography.


SPECIAL: 1H Intensive Portfolio Review Session

only $75

getting feedback on your work is essential to get on your way to developing a strong body of work. Enjoy a Wolfwerk Mentoring Portfolio Session to find those stand out shots to enter into competitions or exhibitions, magazine features or any other marketing purposes i.e. social media.


To book please contact me at fiona@wolfwerk.net




Wolfwerk Mentoring 1H Portfolio Session SPECIAL!
Posted by Wolfwerk on 20 September 2017

This year Wolfwerk Photography aka Fiona Wolf-Symeonides is a finalist in the Maggie Diaz prize for women with my work : Super Hero #2.

This prize celebrates the work of long-time Melbourne resident and photographer, Maggie Diaz, a trailblazer for Australian women photographers. By giving her name to this prize Maggie wanted to encourage other women photographers ‘to keep at it!’ (Maggie Diaz 1925-2016)

Sometimes it is especially hard for women to stand their ground in the male dominated industry and to be recognised for their work. Especially as mothers we are distracted by the every day chores of the household and childminding- the opposite mindset of being creative and spontaneous and free. The work I create evolves around motherhood and womanhood, not war zones, refugees or highly demanding advertising productions. And sometimes therefore I feel it’s not worthy. However, to be recognised by this wonderful prize and to be exhibited amongst such great other female talent, I feel reassured that this work indeed has significance.


Maggie Diaz Prize for Women 2017 featuring Wolfwerk Photography
Posted by Wolfwerk on 13 September 2017

Learn how to take great shots of your kids and capture those special moments on your own camera!


In my time as a photographic lecturer I have met many parents who bought their first DSLR or mirrorless system camera with best intentions just before their baby was born.

The reality is, that most of you just get too busy or simply sleep deprived, once the baby is there.

And if you haven’t mastered the camera yet you will probably find it frustrating and too complicated. In short: it will end up in the drawer.

Even if you swap the “big camera” for you smart phone there are still ways to take photos that look almost professional.

Wolfwerk Photography offers workshops for parents, who want to get better at taking photos of their kids!

Personally, I love family photography and taking portraits that bring out the essence of a person. Especially my son.

I took a photo of him recently at 4 years old. The photo is called “Super Hero”.

This time in his life is all about Superheros and the fight for justice and being strong and invincible.

At the same time he is realising some of the more profound and serious things in life. This image shows a Superhero in a quiet moment of reflection.




If you would like to learn more about taking great shots of your children sign up for a parents workshop.

This is suitable for singles, couples and groups. Ask for our discount for mothersgroups!

Workshops are suitable for full beginners with any type of camera including smart phones, D-Slr or Hybrid/mirrorless System.




Follow this link for more information:












Nothing worse than a blank wall in your home!!


It’s finally time for “The Hall Wall”.

I met Sarah at Pram Power in Redfern Park a few years ago. After our workout we chatted over a well deserved coffee and arranged for a photoshoot with her one year old daughter Asha. Asha loves bubbles and we had a relaxed shoot at Redfern Park. Life got busy and we never got around doing any framed prints.  Same place just a year and a half later Sarah and I are jogging around the park again with our prams but this time Sarah is pregnant with daughter number two! At this stage Sarah is determined to have more family photos and also put a photo wall featuring the Hall Family in their home. It only took another year and we finally did it! The process was simple and only took us a month and the Hall Family Wall is produced: 10 framed prints with photos combining the 2 photoshoots of the girls we did over the years.  Have been procrastinating about a similar project to decorate your home?





This is how easy it can be:


BOOK A PHOTO SHOOT or alternatively, if you have done a shoot with me in the past, we can choose images together that you would like printed and framed.


DESIGN YOUR PHOTO WALL you can send me the dimensions of wall space available. I can design a mock up gallery for you to approve.


THE FUN PART is choosing the color and type of frames. Anything from classic flat frames, box frames or canvas printing is possible. I can talk you through the range of high quality products.



When I reflect on the class and what I learned from your teaching, I wonder if you are conscious of the fact that you really are one of the really good educators. I just want to say thank you.

Jon Soe ( Student)



I just want to say thank you…Thanks Mate!
Posted by Wolfwerk on 28 April 2017

OMG!!!  The photos are amazing, I am so thrilled and just so happy to have chosen you to take them.  Thank you ever so much. They really capture the family well and will be treasured. Thank you!!

Danielle Somers



OMG!!! The photos are amazing…a wonderful testimonial!
Posted by Wolfwerk on 26 April 2017

Wolfwerk photography location shoot with Encore Strings at Paddington Reservoir and Centennial Park:

Thanks Naomi, couldn’t ask for better feedback!

“We had a fantastic experience with Fiona from Wolfwerk Photography photographing our string quartet.  From the start Fiona was extremely professional and friendly, she was knowledgeable in different locations and suggested the locations for us to have our photo shoot.  On the day Fiona had an arsenal of ideas ready at hand and it was clear she had done her research; Fiona also brought these ideas out in a way that made logistical sense as there were two locations we were shooting at.  We received our edited photos very quickly and we are absolutely delighted with them – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Fiona to anyone who would like a friendly, professional and extremely creative photographer to do their photo shoot.” Naomi Power (Cello)


This shoot wouldn’t have worked so well if it wasn’t for the passion of these 4 ladies! 2 locations, several outfit changes and some decent jumping action required!


Encore Strings

Encore Strings



Wolfwerk shoots Encore Strings
Posted by Wolfwerk on 8 June 2016