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Pete has been in the area for over 25 years. His background is Greek. His parents are both migrants, who came to Australia in the 1960’s. His Dad was a barber.

His business is called “I fix ‘em Car repairs” and Pete fixes cars, especially classic cars. Or what some people call “old cars”.

When he started the business he was living in Erskineville. He loves the people in the are- “it’s not the Eastern Suburbs snob crowd”. “Can you call the working class if they’re not working?” He reckons they are the remanence of the railway workers and then people who were relocated to the area by the state government.

When he first bought the building people said to him :“why are you buying an overpriced warehouse and who would want to live or work here anyway?”

Everyone had a bad opinion of the people who live here.

Pete fixed their cars and with that kept alive the old/classic cars these people loved! He learnt their ways and adapted to the Waterloo style of life : “Can you keep it going- I will win the lotto/pokies next week…”


Apart from specializing in classic cars and being a general mechanic, Pete has always picked up dumped bikes and Soccer Balls etc and fixed them up for the local kids in the area.


The Butcher shop opened 120 years ago! Both men are from Greek background and from migrant families. Their families come from the same village in Greece called Rhodes.


Mick started his apprenticeship with Michael 20 years ago. He also plays with the Redfern Raiders!


“We feel it’s a big loss what’s happening here. What we like about the area are the different angles of Waterloo- the rich and the poor.”

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Olivia is a transgender female . She moved to Waterloo in 1991.


She was born in Dubbo and brought up by her Dad (Irish. Her Mum is half English and half Aboriginal ( or has aboriginal in the family tracking down a couple of generations) She left school when she was 15 yo. In 1972 she left the country to travel around and she was on a show for 2 years. When she was 18, she met a Sex Change person in Kings Kross and got advice. “I was always a woman- what are you talking about!?”

In the 70’s she got into jail for 2 weeks for prostitution.

In 1978 she arrived in Melbourne and started her gender reassignment. “I have never looked back!” This includes removal of genitals and breast implants. “I made sure they made them big!”

“I would love to have had children.” And now Olivia is like a mother figure to the 2 boys, who live with her: gay couple Matthew & Matthew aka Mildred and Betty.


“ The view from my apartment is stunning. The only thing that would make this place better is a bathtub!”


“They could keep the place cleaner. Building maintenance is an issue- we need a new screen door on the balcony!”


“ I like the convenience of Waterloo. Public transport is great and I can go to the indigenous gym down the road and swim there.”


“Leave us alone, go away”


Olivia goes to the local church every Sunday.


“I want to become a millionaire and find a husband!”


Olivia is a huge Marilyn fan and her 2 house mates are Mildred Pearce and Betty Davies. Together they watch movies and hang out.


Olivia made tea and bikkies and a big plate of sandwiches for us.


Olivia feels like a Mumma to these 2 boys, who are her flatmates.

Both Matthews have been living with Olivia for the last 9 months. They were staying in a shared house in the country before and felt unsafe. Olivia visited them and they visited her until finally they made the move to Waterloo.

Marilyn, Betty and Mildred
Posted by Wolfwerk on 30 June 2017

Betty grew up in S.A, Clare Valley. He was in a hetero relationship for 12 years and has kids from this relationship (2 daughter come and visit and stay at the Waterloo apartment).

“Matthew and I met on an online dating site. This place is safe for us. There is homophobia. It’s like a safe zone.”

“We like being close to the city. It’s safe, convenient, close to transport and multicultural. The Western Suburbs would be a nightmare for us.”

“Redfern Park is still unsafe but generally they have improved security.”

There’s yelling, screaming and bottles flying over the balconies sometimes mixed with bad language. Also the lifts always get stuck.


“What’s the point in doing it ( redevelopment)? Revamp the buildings and get rid of the bad people that give the buildings a bad reputation. I reckon there will be a Redfern Riot.”



Don has been in the area for over 30 years. He lives in Moorhead Street now but used to live with his Nan in the Block. His sister used to work for the Army and lived in a bed sit in the area in ’74.

Don likes helping people. He does deliveries for the elderly people or helps out anyone around. “I realize my mistakes and hope to give something back this way.”


“When I started speaking up, I got evicted!”

“We will become a little Las Vegas- just like the Barangaroo development area. All is influenced by powerful people like the Packers.”


“over 300 people have been put out of business in this block here.”


“You don’t get a say! The compensation is also not adequate. People don’t know their legal rights and understand that they might be entitled to cash settlements.


(deliver prints to Kirby’s)

Matthew is a sister girl- and has been in the area since 2002 . I spoke to him and his brother who were setting up for a boozy afternoon sitting on some milk crates on the round about and saying hello to their mates.

He is from the Bundjalung Githabul Tribe on the northers NSW boarder near QLD. There was no work for him up there so he has come to Sydney. He works in hospitality and has a Cert 4 as a beautician. Matthew would love to do a certificate in hairdressing .

He loves the people in Waterloo and it feels like home.




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