Paul has been living in the area since 1974.

“I grew up here but moved away for a while. Now I am looking after my 87 yo mum. She needs to be close to her friends and doctors.”

“I like going for a walk around the area having a look around. I miss seeing kids in the parks. The area has changed due to the drugs. It’s not safe anymore.

Clover Moore has abandoned the area.

Don’t forget about the people!”

Page is 74 years old. She has lived in the area for a very long time- I couldn’t hear the exact number of years as Page had trouble talking due to a gum infection. She showed me her remaining 3 1/2 teeth. She keeps waiving at friends and neighbours, while we walked down the street together. Page uses her shopping cart as a walker and is proud of her $20 shopping load.

“What I like about the are is the community and the people! I keep to myself and I like if everyone keeps to themselves. But I got my neighbor who helps me out.

Last week was me birthday. My brother was going to come but he couldn’t so I celebrated it with me dog and cat. I got several cats.”

When I asked her if she is aware of the redevelopment plans and possible relocation of residents she said:

“They came to talk to me and told me not to worry. It (relocation of people) won’t come true. They said not in my lifetime.”

‘Waterloo’ is a personal photographic project that focuses on the people who live or work in the area of Waterloo housing estate.

The residents are feeling fearful and uncertain as redevelopment plans for the area progress, displacing 4,500 families, elderly, disabled and low income people.

In this project I am making family photos and portraits that show the residents in their “here and now”. Alongside the photos you can read about the people and their hopes, fears and thoughts about life in Waterloo. After taking their photo, I return with a print for them, as I want to give back to the community.

This gesture has opened doors and enabled me to bond with people, who now accept me – the privileged, middle class white lady-  photographing them in their homes and hood.

At the moment, I am working together with an organization called WeLiveHere2017, who are producing a documentary film about the Waterloo housing estate and working on a community lighting project in the area.  I am producing images for their social media platforms for 3 months. After that a different photographer will continue whilst I continue working on my own personal project, which will be visible on my website. Longterm, I am hoping to collaborate with the community to create a book and exhibition.

Images from the project can be found on Instagram @welivehere2017 and Facebook