Fiona is a people photographer in the broadest sense. While her commercial work strides out into the corporate world, fashion photography and photo documentaries, it is her talent to capture the essence of a person’s being that resonates within her work, particularly her work with a strong editorial influence.


With a relaxed but professional approach she captures natural and real images of her sitters who have ranged from families to CEOs, models to celebrities. She has worked for organizations such as White Ribbon and Starlight foundation as a volunteer, creating humanity and awareness in her images.  Her clients range from Good Weekend magazine, B&T Magazine to Sunday magazine, alongside corporate clients like BDO, The British Chamber of Commerce as well as private commissions.



In her art practice Fiona finds her portrait sitters to be people depth and great stories and usually they are up for taking their clothes off too! Her body of work is diverse, however her projects “Girls and Cars” and her recent work “IDOL” along with “Defect” centre around a female insight into the way beauty is portrayed by the media, while infusing that discourse questions about the boundaries of gender and stereotyping.


Fiona took a good look at herself, and her roles as an Artist, photographer, woman and mother. In her self-portrait Vitruvian Woman and her scene Crowned Madonna her study of femininity was accorded the honour of being a finalist in the HeadOn ’13/’14 Manning Art Prize and National Portrait Prize.


The  unobtrusive and honest way Fiona approaches her subjects leads to real portraits enhanced by the beauty of Hasselblad lenses and analogue processing and printing.  Her obsession and creating equality, mean she see the cracks that that let the light through, and she allows the viewers of her work to drink in that beauty.