This body of work is a mix of current work around motherhood and my son Ryder, and past pictures from my home Germany (Heimat) where I grew up.

It shows dream like sequences referring to the sleep deprived state of my first few years with my son but also showing dreams that we share.

There is beautiful bonding moments and also the amazing development of a boy.

Part of this body of work is the portrait called "Super Hero", which has been featured in the Maggie Diaz Prize for Women 2017, the Olive Cotton Award 2017 and several group shows like Contact Sheet 'Who is he' and Loud and Luminous, a celebration of Australian female photographers.

I remember at the age of 4 declaring standing on a hill at a playground that I want to be a boy. Not a girl.

My 4 year old son recently declared that a girl can’t be a super hero and they can’t run fast either. His favorite color is blue.

With growing self awareness it becomes clear how outside influence through peers, consumerism and the media dilute the impact I have on explaining gender roles and equality to my son.

His emotional development is emerging to a stage where he is realizing about the serious things in life. This is a crucial point for parental role models to help him form his male identity and emotional stability.


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