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Photography classes, mentoring and coaching

I have been teaching photography classes at the Australian Centre for Photography for over 7 years and for over 3 years at Sydney Photographic Workshops. The experience  has been rewarding. Also lectures during the Head On Photographic festival in past years as well as talks at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney) and at ACMP (Australian Commercial and Media Photographers) 'Trampoline' events for emerging photographers have kept me in touch with fellow photographers.

When I started out in photography I was lucky to work with mentors who guided me along the way. Through assisting full time for 5 years I met some of the greatest commercial photographers in the industry. I expanded my network to other creatives who reviewed my work and helped me develop my style.

Sharing my experience and knowledge of photography and the industry with beginner to advanced students in an approachable way is something I enjoy. I also offer photography tuition for beginners and tips for established photographers to finesse their portfolios or projects. For most students their sessions have been a game changer and catalyst for change in their photography practice. They have turned into confident and passionate image makers developing a deeper understanding and fulfillment in photography.

Photography Classes and Private Mentoring Sessions

Private Mentoring Sessions can include:

  • Curatorial advice for exhibitions: editing/ printing/ framing/ hanging/ choice of gallery/ promo
  • Portfolio development: finding your style/ print and online presentations for clients/ personal work and project based work/ books/ websites
  • Business coaching: starting a small business/ business plan/ pricing/ copyright and Intellectual Property/ networking within the industry
  • Photography tuition: all levels welcome/ basic use of a DSLR camera/
  • digital workflow/ post production/ choice of camera, gear and lenses/ project based advice to achieve consistent good results/ creative tips

Photography Classes And Mentoring Price Guide:

Choose between a 1 hour intensive portfolio review session or different packages for multiple sessions. Couples, small groups and corporate sessions available.

I recommend two 2 hour sessions with at least 4 weeks in between to work on all aspects we discuss during the first session.

1 hour intensive portfolio review: $175

Double session (2x2h): $400


Photo Fun for Kids

Join me to learn basic photography skills and feed your creative juices while being in the relaxing, lush surrounds of our Camdenville community gardens.

Lets slow down and use a digital device in a mindful way to create amazing images.

You will learn:

  • How to use photography as a creative outlet
  • Visual story telling
  • Camera technique applicable to any camera type incl smart phone and tab or compact system or DSLR
  • Use prints and discover ways to use your photography for sharing and presents (framed prints, books, scrapbooks etc)

NO previous knowledge needed

All cameras incl D-SLR, compact system or smart phone are welcome

Students all levels and ages can participate

Kids without cameras can share cameras provided

WHEN: every Monday during T2 starting from

TIME: 3 PM – 3.45PM

WHERE: meet at Camdenville paddock gate inside the school grounds ( next to basketball court

WHAT TO BRING: a camera of your choice, loade battery and memory card, note book

WHO: year 1 – 6 students are welcome

PRICE: $15 per class or $50 for 4 classes (t&c apply, wet weather options will be emailed in advance)

FOR BOOKINGS and more information please contact: Fiona Wolf, [email protected]

Photography Classes: Game changing business growth

"I approached Fiona in 2012 for help with my business and a portfolio review. Fiona was incredibly helpful and generous in sharing her expansive knowledge of photography and the industry. I was able to implement her suggestions straight away; her help was a catalyst for change in my business. Since I sought help from Fiona my business has grown and I am a much more confident image maker. I can't recommend the help fiona gave me highly enough - it was a game changer." 

Anna Turner, Photographer, www.annaturner.com.au