project: girls & cars

Captured on Hasselblad 120 Kodak Velvia
Scanned and printed by artist, limited edition of 5
D Print on Canson Barita Photographique 320gsm

60 x 60 cm with frame

China Heights June 17th 2010
Head On Festival May 2011
Australian Centre for Photography Workshop

The series of photographs came together when Wolf was chasing cool cars around Australia and shooting classic, semi-nude portraits for her ongoing body of work, 'Girls In Undies'. This body of work meant capturing scarcely clothed women with an even sense of normality and subtle promiscuity.

In her practice of editing, Wolf found parallels in the way she photographed classic cars and scantily clad women. The curves, shapes, moods and associations meant that the two subjects complemented each other perfectly. And so, in this exhibition, images of women and cars are presented next to each other to best honour their likeness and parity.

The hazy and sultry photographs in 'Girls N Cars' were shot on a Hasselblad 6x6 film camera. Neither the girls nor the cars have been retouched. They act as real relicts of their time.